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Approval of Researches

iLEAPS-Japan approve domestic research which contributes to iLEAPS. Advantages are as follows.

  1. Opportunities to participate in international joint research.
  2. Research Progress through information exchange with other groups.
  3. Opportunities to exchange new ideas and results through meetings and publications.
  4. Data quality improvement by standardization and cross validation of method.
  5. Improvement in data sharing.
  6. Development and expansion of international research collaboration.

We suggest to receive approval from iLEAPS-Japan those who are and are planning to promote research in the field of Ecosystem-Atmosphere process. Please check iLEAPS Science Plan and Implementation Strategy and nvarify if it meets your project. Then please submit research outline to iLEAPS-Japan secretariat ( iLEAPS_J_office@ml.affrc.go.jp), subject should be "iLEAPS国内活動の承認願."